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Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay &
Richard Salvadico


Arden Rod Condez

Executive Producers
Sonny Calvento
Sheron Dayoc
Kelvin Ting
Bridget Ng-Ting

Line Producer
Jo Andrew Torlao

Production Manager
Krizia Marie Millanes

Pabelle Manikan

Director of Photography
Pabelle Manikan

Production Designer
Lynne Belle T. Salvadico

Assistant Director
Mikko Baldoza


The Ati, the Negrito ethnic group predominantly located in the islands of Boracay, Guimaras, Panay, and Negros in the Philippines, have long been struggling to fight for their land. For the first time, they share their story through this film.


Despite contention from certain historians, legend has it that in the olden days, an Ati chieftain bartered their land to the Bornean datus in exchange for a golden necklace and wide-brimmed hat. The mountains were left to the Atis, the plains, and rivers to the Malays. Today, even the mountains are being taken from the Atis, sometimes through violence. 

Featuring all-Ati non-professional actors speaking in their language, Inati, Tumandok (The Natives) reveals the quest of these indigenous people to fight for their land. As one of the Atis once quipped “Tell us where the end of the earth is and we will go there and live peacefully untouched." 

When will their struggle end and why can’t they have a land they can call home?

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