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The Silence and Stealth
of a Hungry Cat


Arden Rod Condez


Arden Rod Condez

Jo Andrew Torlao
Stelle Laguda

Sheron Dayoc
Sonny Calvento


It is the grand recital of the three-month ballet training program of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the country’s hub for culture and arts. The program is intended to discover promising dancers from the country’s poorest of the poor. One dancer, a 16-year-old boy named ELIAS DOLOROSA, catches the eye of a very unassuming man in the audience. His name is MARCUS ABRENICA, a 45-year-old National Museum for Natural History museum educator.

Marcus falls in love with Elias’ narrative, a good-looking aspiring ballet dancer who has stopped schooling to help his father in a marble workshop in their province. After learning about Elias’ sob story, Marcus realizes the boy needs him. Using the donations from the old rich women he has charmed, Marcus goes to the province and offers his help to Elias. He tries to know Elias’ family, his friends, and the whole town that badly needs saving from poverty.

But everything starts to become strange when, after convincing Elias and his parents to accept his educational scholarship offer, Marcus shows signs that he wants more than gratitude from Elias. From being a hero in everyone’s eyes, Marcus slowly reveals himself as a man with dark intentions. With Elias now beholden to Marcus, it becomes a struggle for him to escape the ruse.

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