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Stray Cats


Sheron Dayoc


Sonny Calvento

Arden Rod Condez
Sonny Calvento
Sheron Dayoc

Line Producer:
Jo Andrew Torlao


STRAY CATS is a story of two women in three acts. It is a journey of these women as they unearth their power in the world of men and violence.

The first act belongs to Agnes, a loudmouthed but loving 45-year-old fish vendor in Navotas who takes care of her 11-year-old son, Miguel. Her husband has been missing for several weeks. As the story opens, a massive storm ruins the community, including Agnes’ house, intensifying her quest for her husband so he can help her fix their house and their lives.

One night at the evacuation center, a man approaches Agnes, claiming that they have been holding her husband because of his unpaid debt. They will only release him once Agnes performs a particular task. The task is to kill a lady politician who has long been vocal against the current government. With her love for her husband and the need for her son to have a father, Agnes is forced to perform the job, hoping that this will solve her problem. Little does she know that this is only the start of her journey into the underworld. When the gang kidnaps her son, Agnes is forced to perform more killings to save Miguel.

The second act belongs to Lani, a sassy and sly woman in her late 20s. In contrast to Agnes’ world in Navotas, Lani lives from one posh condominium to another. Paired with her innate smartness, her beauty is so intoxicating that it could make things happen in her favor. But her beauty becomes a curse when a gang of criminals kidnaps her only sister, and the only way for Lani to redeem her is to execute several powerful men. Her only ally in this dark world is Lando, who has long been hiding his love for her. Consumed by the overflowing blood on her hands, Lani devises a plan to rescue her sister and escape from this trap. She slices her face, making herself ugly. Deemed already useless, this makes the gang plan to kill her. They force another woman to kill Lani. That woman is Agnes.

The third act is where Agnes and Lani meet. Two women are trapped in the world of powerful men and forced to go against each other for their loved ones. The third act is a lengthy and seemingly endless bout between the two women. But as the fight worsens, several questions emerge. How can these women escape from the terror created by men? Is death the only option for them to survive it? How can this terror give birth to an extraordinary power that only women possess?

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