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Shadows of the Red Mountains


Sheron Dayoc


Producers: Sonny Calvento and Sheron Dayoc
Co-producers: Arden Rod Condez and Ayu Martinez
Writer: Sheron Dayoc
Story: Sheron Dayoc and Ayu Martinez
Line Producer: Jo Andrew Torlao


In a secluded forest village, scarred by the devastation of war, emerges the cult, THE NEW HEAVEN, led by the charismatic leader, THE NEW MESSIAH, wearing entirely red attire. Mario Garcia, a devotee, and his son Sandino rebuilt their lives after the war, wholly committed to the cult's mission, unaware of brewing tension amongst its members. Mario's world shatters when his son tries to burn the village, leading to his death by the cult leader in a brutal exorcism. With Nando and the rest of the apostates, Mario escapes into the forest while carrying his son's lifeless body, confronting dangers and inner demons as they endeavor to unveil the cult's malevolent truth.

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