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One Day, Three Autumns


Bridget Rabo Ng-Ting


Southern Lantern Studios
TinkerBulb Productions

Bridget Rabo Ng-Ting

Sherry Lara
Elaine Yu

Sheron Dayoc
Sonny Calvento
Arden Rod Condez

Executive Producer
Kelvin Ting

Rommel Andreo C. Sales

Production Design
Harley Alcasid

Chuck Gutierrez

Line Producer
Tin Velasco

Assistant Director
Red Fajardo

Production Manager
Kira Romana

Art Director
Ivan Hallig Panganiban

Marilen Magsaysay

Music Scorer
Len Calvo

Wapak Studios

With the death of Ah-Bu’s husband comes the loss of her own identity. "ONE DAY, THREE AUTUMNS" is a widow’s journey to rediscover her present through unraveling her past.

"One Day, Three Autumns" tells the story of a hopelessly devoted wife turned painfully grieving widow. Although it had been weeks since her husband died, Ah-bu (Mother) painfully grieves as she continuously does the daily chores she had done for him when he was alive. She would often sit by the window imagining, or even hoping for his return. She would fall into a trance once in a while. One day, in her bedroom, she was startled upon seeing a woman seemingly staring at her. She slowly realized that what she had been looking at was a mirror. She had begun to forget what she looked like. Worried that she would completely forget herself, this prompted her to search for who she was.

In her storage room, Ah-bu set herself on a journey to the past to rediscover her present. She reopened her past by unraveling boxes she had kept closed for so long. She found some things wrapped in scarves that somehow brought her a sense of her self. And just as she thought, this was her past that she left behind. The once vast and empty storage room was filled with people from her past, including her young self. As she reconnects with her past through what she found in her storage room, she finds herself.

Poster by Justin Besana

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