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Mother Maybe


Sonny Calvento


Writer Arden Rod Condez
Producer Sheron Dayoc
Co-Producers Weijie Lai
Stefano Centini

Production Companies Southern Lantern Studios, E&W Films, Volos Films Ltd.

Countries of Production Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan
Genre Fantasy, Comedy, Horror
Language Filipino, English, Japanese


A son is reunited with his mother in Tokyo, Japan as their family joins an absurd but high-paying Japanese game show on TV. But as he enjoys his renewed connection to his mother, he discovers that at night, his mother becomes different.


Marco, a 25-year-old Filipino farmer, yearns to reunite with his mother Dahlia who went to Japan and eventually disappeared when Marco was three. When he encounters an advertisement for a Japanese game show, “My Amazing Top Man”; with a 5 million yen prize, Marco takes the chance and flies to Japan in the hopes of finding her. Amidst the day-long challenges of the show, he dedicates his nights to searching Tokyo for his mother.

In a shocking revelation, Marco discovers Dahlia's dark secret – an uncontrollable transformation into a manananggal – a Filipino flying vampire that preys on infants at night. Despite her monstrous nature, Marco persistently seeks reconciliation, only to face rejection from Dahlia.

Unexpectedly, one night, a weakened Dahlia pleads with Marco for help in hunting for "food". Now confronted with a moral dilemma, Marco must decide whether to sacrifice for the mother he longs for, despite her monstrous nature, or accept the painful reality that they can never be together.

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