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Arden Rod Condez


Sonny Calvento, Sheron Dayoc

Screenplay Writer
Arden Rod Condez

T.M. Malones

Line Producer
Tin Velasco

Assistant Director
Tin Velasco

Acting Coach
Ryanne Murcia

Production Designer
Marielle Hizon

Art Director
Lynn Bell Tupaz

Animation/CGI Editor
Ramjun Valasote

Sound Design
Mikko Quizon

Len Calvo

Timmy Tores

Jansen MagpusaoAdela Luciano - Berboso

When they have no one to pass their 'mutya' forward so they can finally die, aging 'aswangs' in Antique are believed to seek for the mystical lake in Negros where they can just turn into ashes and disappear forever. This is the story of a 78 year old aswang and the young man who helped her find the lake. 


A childhood friend once told me of a mountain that hides a mystical river. This river is believed to be the portal of the “aswangs” to the afterlife. “Aswangs” are the infamous creature of Philippine folklore that shape-shift at night and prey on pregnant women. They die when they have transferred the “mutya” or the gemstone that holds their power to the next of kin. But when old “aswangs” have no one to pass the “mutya” forward, the mystical river is there waiting for them.

To die alone is the most painful way to die. This can happen to the loved ones who are left behind when family members decide to leave my province, Antique, to seek for greener pastures. When I was growing up, our province was known as “The Loneliest Place in the Philippines” because it had the lowest population density in the country. Only a few number of people were left since most of us, yes, including me, find work in cities like Manila and abroad.

Taken from the point-of-view of a very old and weak “aswang”, told in a comedic way with a mix of horror-fantasy, “Dandansoy” is a story of the people who are left behind and how they overcome the longing to have a sense of family.

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