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Arden Rod Condez


Writer: Arden Rod Condez

Sheron Dayoc
Sonny Calvento
Arden Rod Condez

Line Producer:
Jo Andrew Toraloa


Forty-five-year-old TONY has just lost his only daughter from a drowning incident two weeks before the start of the pandemic. This causes his marriage to crumble. But despite the tragedy that happened to him, he diverges himself from grief. Instead, he keeps himself preoccupied with his role as the village chief especially now that the pandemic has invaded

their place.

One day, a mysterious old woman suddenly appears in their locked-down coastal village. With no one to take care of her, Tony is forced to bring her home. Soon, strange things start to happen as the guest begins to reveal herself as an old woman with the behavior of an 8-year-old child. Alarmed, Tony intends to surrender her to social welfare. But everything changes when the old woman calls Tony Papa.

To everyone's shock, Tony starts to treat the old woman as his daughter, treating her as his second chance at fatherhood.

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