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Bisan Abo, Wala Bilin


Kyd Torato


Producers - Arden Rod Condez, Sonny Calvento, Sheron Dayoc
Executive Producers - Raquel Perez, Keith Sicat
Co-Executive Producers - Randy Torato, Maria Rema Torato
Co-Producer - Hon. Ronnie Dadivas
Line Producers - Tin Velasco, Jo Andrew Torlao

Director of Photography - Rommel Andreo Sales
Production Designer - Kyle Fermindoza
Editor - Drix Reyes
Colorists - Drix Reyes, Jonathan Dp. Gervacio
First Assistant Director - Reeden Fajardo
Second Assistant Director - Ryanne Murcia
Sound Designer - Nicole Rosacay
Music Composers - Miggy Basas, Philip dela Cruz
Casting Director - Allen Joy Galindo
Production Manager - Angel Benjamin


Screening Material - 4K Apple ProRes 422 HQ
Color - Color
Aspect Ratio - 16:9
Sound System - Dolby 5.1
Original Language - Filipino (Capiznon)
Production Year - 2024
Production Country - Philippines
Running Time - 00:13:56


In a distant barrio, an unfamiliar skin disease casts a cloud of uncertainty over a close-knit village. The villagers turn to an ancient tree believed to be miraculous, where people exchange names and tie clothes on its branches. Amidst the crisis, the story unfolds through the eyes of Sabel, whose mother falls ill with the said skin disease. She witnesses how her community grapples with an impending displacement imposed by heartless authorities and the painful loss of their sacred tradition.

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