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As He Sleeps


Sheron Dayoc


Sheron Dayoc

Sheron R. Dayoc
Chuck Gutierrez
Lilit Reyes
Baby Ruth Villarama

Executive Producer
Gil Quito

Cinematography by
Dexter Dela Peña

Editing by
Chuck Gutierrez

Production Design by
Al-Rashid Baddiri

Production Management
Rodaine Awalie

Sound Department
Derek Boraba -soundman

Sound designer
Kit Mendoza

Medical consultant
Michael Angelo Filoteo


As He Sleeps (Mientras Su Durmida)

Christina, in her 30s, is married to Hector, a husband who’s paralyzed and therefore physically incompetent to consummate their marriage. She wants to liberate herself from a sexless union. Her needs as a woman are unfulfilled. But her love for Hector, and her commitment to him coupled with the dictates of her faith and marital vows, and her sympathy and care for her husband keeps her in “cage of marriage,” where she suffers in melancholic solitude, yet contemplates on freedom and rediscovering her true worth.

Best Short Film: SHORT FORM International Film Festival, Serbia

Best Director: Cinemalaya Film Festival

Official Selection: Asiatica Rome Film Festival, 2012

Official Selection: Asian American Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection: Fribourg International Film Festival, 2013

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