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All The Time


Anya Zulueta & Dominic Zulueta


Voice Actress of Mama: Gab Pangilinan
Voice of Tohru: Minmo

Screenplay: Anya Zulueta
Tagalog Translation: Arden Rod Condez & Sonny Calvento
Producers: Sonny Calvento & Arianna Martinez
Co-Producer: Mikko Quizon

Line Producer & Assistant Director: Yuuka Tanaka
Story Board Artists: Aj Ledesma, Dominic Zulueta
Production Designers & Background Artists: Dominic Zulueta, Martin Russell Ong, Rogela Mari Malaque
Production Design Consultant: Eero Yves Francisco, PDCP

Character Design & Lead Animator: Dominic Zulueta
Key Animators: Shafeiya Wynx Saldaña, Marco “Irah” Comia Marte, Gian Carlo S.F. Maglines, Louis C. Tamayo, Shelyka Donnalyn A. Diaz
Editor & Animator Supervisor: Tyron
Editing Consultant: Glenmark Doromal
Music Composer: Andrew Florentino
Sound Designer: John Daryl A. Libongco
Sound Editors: Wapak Sound Studios Inc.
Sound Recordists: Danjo Galapon, Zach Lopez
Layout Artists: Dominic Zulueta, Rogela Mari Malaque, Rory Esguerra, Shafeiya Wynx Saldaña, Martin Russell Ong, Marco "Irah" Comia Marte
Painters: Leandro Isorena, Andrei Gustilo, Anya Zulueta, Dominic Zulueta, Shelyka Donnalyn A. Diaz, Louis C. Tamayo, Gian Carlo S.F. Maglines
Additional Animation: Aliah Pauline Abanto

Song: Luna
Music & Lyrics: Jim and Saab Bacarro

Performed by: Cheats
Mix & Mastered by: Kyle Quismundo


After being adopted by a new family, a timid kitten named Tohru tries to find the courage to adapt to his daunting new environment, hoping to find his place and truly belong.

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