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Documentary Film

Three portraits of different lives caught in between a crossfire of unwavering faith and ambiguous history. Book 1: A Man who claims Jabidah Massacre is a lie, Book 2: Moro rebel fighters who believe Jihad should be a way of life and Book 3: Women caught in the wrath of war. Interwoven stories to create a tapestry of Mindanao's forgotten people.


Best Documentary: 2016 Busan International Film Festival

Best Documentary: 2016 Gawad Urian

Best Documentary: 2015 Qcinema International Film festival



Director:​ Sheron Dayoc

Producer: Sheron Dayoc

Line Producer: Norhaiya Macusang

Screenplay: Sheron Dayoc

Cinematography: Arnel Barbarona, Xeph Xuarez, Ryan Murcia, Mark Limbaga, Sheron Datic 

Editor: Pabelle Manikan, Sheron Dayoc, Matt Baguinon, Mau Mauricio

Sound: Jess Carlos 

Music: Kit Mendoza