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During the time of increased physical distancing, ten couples allowed the cameras into their homes not to disrupt any delicate exchange but to bare the truth of love and reignite the magic of romance.


Rita Libre and Raspe Libre
Romeo Sevilla and Elenita Sevilla
Gonzalo Velasco and Pastora Velasco
Charles Salilid and Demie Rose Salilid
Bernabe Alvarez and Maxima Alvarez
Romel Sevilla and Andrea Lou Sevilla
Gary Francisco and Jornabe Castor
MC Lopez Alejandro and Einah Shane Jalipa
Jaypee John Dioso and Jessette Bendol
Melchor Dela Torre and Flora Dela Torre


Director - Arden Rod Condez
Director of Photography/Editor/Colorist -  Caleb Maglunob
Camera Operator -  Jun Castillo
Production Manager -  Konnie Barientos-Pila
Talent Coordinator/Location Manager -  Romulo Dex Lumawig III
Sound Designers -  Aeriel Ellyzon Mallari, John Daryl Libongco

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