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Love Child


Jonathan Jurilla


Arden Rod Condez

Ayu Martinez
Angel Benjamin

Executive Producers
Sonny Calvento
Sheron Dayoc

Line Producer
Jo Andrew Torlao

Production Manager
Angel Benjamin

Location Manager
Krizia Marie Millanes

Director of Photography
Rommel Sales

Production Designer
Kurt Soberrano

Assistant Director
Redeen Fajardo

Production Associate
Leonard Billones

Production Associate
Christian Joseph Laña

Associate Production Manager/ Local Coordinator
Rebbe Jurilla


College sweethearts, Ayla and Paolo, decided to drop out of school and raise a family after a brief whirlwind romance led them to an unplanned pregnancy. Four years later, the couple painfully discovers that their son, Kali, is diagnosed with autism. The couple faces the bitter reality of raising a child with special needs in a country that has become less than ideal – challenging both their relationship and their dream of having a complete family.

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